The one thing that brings your magnetism down

Often I see students trying to find that ONE thing that brings their magnetism down.

They think that if they solve that ONE thing, everything will be fine.

But that’s a misunderstanding of what happens.

Rarely will you find ONE thing that is causing your magnetism to be lower than what you desire.

On most situations it’s a combination of many small things. Small mental and energetic habits we got as we were younger and stayed with us ever since.

If you focus on changing these several small things, then a BIG change inevitably happens.

Very rarely will you do just one thing that changes everything.

Sure, there can be specific exercises or techniques more powerful (for you) than others. But one exercise alone won’t change your whole magnetism.

Or at least, in all these years of studying magnetism and energy I haven’t found it.

Instead, focus on changing small, but important, mental and energetic habits.

The combination of these small changes is the ONE thing that will give your magnetism a boost.

And the more of these small drainages of energy you change, the more your magnetism will shine.

The development of magnetism is not as much as growing the magnetism in you, but it’s much more of getting rid of the drainages of energy.

If all you do is NOT lose the magnetism you are already generating, you’ll be well on your way.

That’s why we always start our personal magnetism training with the 10 Steps to Inner Power. It’s the course that aims to fix your most important leaks of magnetism.

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