The only secret to have someone attracted to you

There’s only one secret to have someone be attracted to you:
Making her (or him) feel sexual.
That’s it!
When you listen to passionate music lyrics, poems, movies, etc… you always read/listen to people describing their feelings, what they are feeling toward another person.
What you make her feel is what makes the difference. Regardless of the elaborate gimmicks, techniques, methods, language patterns, and so on, the end goal is always the same.
If you can make the other person feel sexual while in your presence, you win.
Simple as that.
Then you may ask: “but how can I do that?”
The main teaching of sexual energy in Charisma School is all about becoming sexual.
It’s about allowing sexual energy flowing inside you freely, no blocks, and feeling good while being sexual.
The reason is, once sexual energy is expanding inside of you, it also expands to the outside through your voice, your movements, your gaze and your touch.
Everything you do becomes infused by sexuality.
And it’s inevitable that others around you feel that raw sexual power.
That’s why I keep on repeating on several emails: if you want to have sex, you need to feel sexual.
If you block your sexual energy, avoid it, are afraid of it, then you aren’t feeling sexual. You will be projecting what you are feeling, which is fear, anxiety, and so on. Not sexual energy.
Also, if you are neutral – nothing is happening inside of you, you are blocking your projections and your energy -, those around you won’t feel anything when they are with you.
You are just like a wallflower.
This when you hear things like: “I think of you as a brother”, “let’s just be friends”, and something along the same lines.
This means that you aren’t making them feel any kind of sexuality. And the reason is that most likely you are blocking the sexual energy inside and/or outside of you. Either you are blocking the flow of sexual energy inside of you, and/or you are blocking the sexual projection to the outside.
Regardless of which, others aren’t able to feel any kind of sexuality from you, so they won’t associate any kind of sexual feelings with you.
I’m sure that’s not the result that you want!
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