The path to magnetism is rarely a straight line

I’ve often receive emails from students who tell me that they got a lot more out of any training or video the second or third time they went through it.

It’s quite a common experience and I’ve personally had it hundreds of times in the past.

Whether with some training, book, exercise or method.

It’s perfectly normal this happens since as you are experimenting and practicing with these techniques, you will grow in your awareness and understanding.

So what you skipped before, can now have a crucial importance in your next stage of training.

The path to magnetism is rarely a straight line.

The amount of times I’ve went back to basic exercises and discovered new things from them is staggering.

So just because you’ve heard it once and it didn’t particularly resonated with you, it doesn’t mean it won’t resonate with you in the future.

Your awareness grows with these exercises.

What I now take from the most basic energy exercises is without exaggeration, 100x times more than what I initially took from them.

My awareness simply wasn’t sufficiently developed in the beginning (as expected!). But you work with what you have at any given time and you will inevitably grow.

This is the reason why we provide lifetime access to all trainings.

It’s very unlikely that you go through it once and learn everything this course has to teach you. Especially if you have little background in these type of methods.

It’s true that you can earn enough the first time around that you no longer need (or want) any more from it.

That’s perfectly acceptable.

But, if you are like me and want to grow the more you can, then you’ll for sure want to revisit every training more than once.

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