The Power of Attention

I find it very disturbing that the training of concentration and attention has been put aside on modern science and psychology.There’s hardly any kind of recommended training for it. Especially for those who have some kind of Attention Deficit Disorder, the only way out is to take one more pill – Ritalin, and we little do we yet know about the effects of it’s long term uses, especially combined with all the other drugs we already need to take.

There’s no specific training to help them learn how to control their attention. Just to pop one more pill.

Concentration and attention is of vital importance for many mystic traditions. Christianity, Buddhism, Western Esotericism, Sufism… they all have specific practices to train the attention.

No pill required!

They know it’s fundamental and the general message is common on all of them: if you want to have any kind of control over yourself, attention is one of the first things we should cultivate.

We shouldn’t need to resort to any kind of mystical tradition to learn this fundamental aspect of our mind that affects us in our everyday life.

Another interesting fact is, if there’s anything in common with the greatest genius of all sorts of arts and sciences throughout history, is their ability to sustain their attention through large periods of time in a subject they choose, completely focused with a clear and vivid mind.

They may have been lucky enough to be born with this ability to focus their attention in a subject, but for all of us who were not lucky enough to be granted this gift, there is a solution.

On the Magnetic Gaze we place a HUGE importance on your ability to command and direct your attention, after all… your energy goes where your attention goes.

If it’s scattered and all over the place, you can’t develop the laser like projection ability that is necessary for all kinds of influence.

And as you can imagine, this has all sorts of GOOD side-effects. Once you learn how to direct your attention, your emotional regulation, state control, inner voice control, all can fall into place!

A powerful concentration training is available on the Magnetic Gaze Level 2. but, if you haven’t yet started your training, start with the Magnetic Gaze Foundations here:

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