The Power of the Word

While saying one thing and doing another seem like a fairly harmless thing, it’s actually creating a far larger impact than you can imagine.

It has a powerful impact on your mind and energy.

I’m referring to situations where you say (to yourself or others) that you’ll do something, and end up doing a completely different thing.

For example: You say you’ll exercise 3 times a week and you end up following that routine for two weeks and quit afterward for no apparent reason.

If this happens once, no harm done. It’s no big deal… But if your life is filled with these apparently small broken intentions, then you are training your mind not to take yourself seriously.

Then, when you actually want/need to follow through on something, your mind will be trained to not listen to you, and you end up doing something else entirely.

The power of our word, will and intention can be quite powerful… for good and for bad.

That’s why I’ve written many times about respecting your own intention, will and your own word. If your mind is consistently directed through your intention, then whatever you decide to do is a lot easier.

It doesn’t matter if you are just promising or creating intentions for yourself (“I will exercise 3x per week”) or for others (“I’ll be there at 10am”). The end result is the same. You made an intention that you didn’t follow through.

While when you create a habit of following through on your word and intentions it creates a deep control over your own mind and life. When you need to actually accomplish something, you know it will be done.

Procrastination is no longer an issue. Your mind simply knows it’s futile to create distractions or bad feelings, because it knows you will do what you decide one way or another.

The kind of inner power this creates spreads to every other area of your life. Your own development, professionally, socially, and so on.

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