The power of your word

What you say, whether to others or to yourself, has a great power over your life.
You may think that words have no value. After all, you can say one thing one day and say the opposite thing the next day and it won’t be a problem.
There’s little apparent value in what you say.
But… there’s more to this.
When you say something, particularly when you say you are going to do something, you are establishing an intention.
“I’ll be there at 5 o’clock.”
“After lunch, I’ll go write that email”
“If you need me, I’ll be there”
These are statement of intentions.
If you always follow through on your word – and your intention – your mind gets used to obeying what you say. So when you say: “I’m going to sit down and write this chapter” and actually do it, your mind obeys it and activates the necessary brain areas for you to be successful in your intention.
The problem arises when you habitually not follow through on your word.
You say you’ll be there at 5 o’clock, but then you ALWAYS get delayed for some reason. You say X and you do Y. And this is constant in your life. It happens frequently.
What happens is that your mind gets habituated in NOT following through on what you say.
You are training your mind to NOT follow through.
So whenever you need to sit down and do something, you establish an intention and say it to yourself, but your mind will simply not obey you.
It will make you do something else – as it always does. It brings to mind that you need a coffee, or that you have that missing netflix episode to see, or some other excuse that’s rarely related to what you actually need to do.
It doesn’t really matter if you only do it with others or you only do it with yourself (or both), the effect is the same.
It’s a disobedience of your mind to your Will.
If your mind is not used to obeying, not even on the small things, it won’t obey it on the bigger ones either.
That’s why on the 10 Steps to Inner Power we have a really great emphasis on your word, your intention, what you say to yourself or others – that’s a foundation for everything else.

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