The problem of too much mental noise!

One of the most common problems of energy work – regardless if it’s about personal magnetism or sexual magnetism, or any other type of magnetism – it’s related to the interference from your mind.

Your energy is felt in the body. The body is always the stage of the energy.

But your mind interferes in that. It gets in the way and it’s often your worse enemy.

Mostly because it creates noise.

Instead of being aware of the energy and the feelings in your body, your mind tends to create stories, or create problems, and interferes in the whole process.

Instead of being focused on the energy, the minds finds it boring and creates narratives around it.

It’s used to keep doing it the whole day, so why would it change during the practice?

Particularly for all those of us who live busy lives and complex lifestyles, this is a serious issue.

I’ve met a lot of GREAT energy workers who were quite crude, unpolished and earthly. They weren’t sophisticated scientists of the mind with a lot of theories about energy and huge bookshelves. Quite the opposite. They lead simple lives.

Their mind created very little noise. And this made it a lot easier for them to learn energy work.

When I asked them about energy work, their answers were in fact very simple – and often not very helpful: “You just need to do it”. One sentence type of teachings.

It was very hard for me to learn anything this way.

It took me quite a while to understand this common pattern. They were great energy workers because their mind created very little interference.

This was my own biggest problem. I’m one of those people who likes to read a lot and think about everything. My mind never shuts down.

So you might guess the issues I had in the beginning. I had to learn to shut down my own mind, to get it out of the way so that I focus only on the energy.

After the practice, I would then analyze, write and think about everything, but during it, I had to learn to keep it silent.

It’s not easy, but possible.

You need to learn to listen to your body and to your energy without the noise created by the mind and too much thinking.

Don’t get me wrong, thinking, analysis and all the mind faculties can be very useful, and if you have them well developed, you don’t want to eliminate them – at all! You just need to learn to control them and shut them down in certain moments.

In other words, you need to shift gears. Instead of being constantly thinking and analyzing, you need to shift to a different mental state when needed – and on this case, is during energy practices.

During the practices, focus only on the energy – no mental chatter, no noise, no narratives. After the practices, feel free to dissect them all you want!

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