The process of manifestation

Here’s an interesting question from a student:

“What do you believe is the process of magnetizing things that you want into your life?”

The basic rule of manifestation is:

You attract what your energy is constantly projecting. So when you change your energy, you change your life.

All manifestation comes down to this.

A person who is constantly projecting negativity, will attract more negative events to his or her life.

The opposite is also true.

Now, most of us are more complicated than that. We are not so black and white.

I’m sure you aren’t either fully positive person or fully negative. You have different shades of gray.

So naturally what you are manifesting also reflects that.

That’s why it’s important that you understand and feel your own energy, knowing full well what you are projecting.

For example, if you are constantly blocking your sexual energy from being projected, then you aren’t going to attract sexual events into your life.

When you have energy awareness you can simply feel the energy of others and notice that. It’s particularly interesting to feel the energy of those which have a high sexual magnetism.

It’s inevitable to feel the high level of sexuality. No wonder they can attract many sexual events into their own life.

It works the same way everywhere.

Even if your energy awareness is not that good yet, you can particularly notice the relationship between your energy and the events you are attracting.

Can you understand why a certain type of event is constantly happening in your life?

Can you relate it to your energy?

The best way to be sure what you are projecting (or not projecting) is it’s by noticing what is being attracted to your life.

What are you attracting? What are you manifesting? What’s happening?

That’s your current energy.

Then, what exactly do you want to achieve?

Do you notice the difference of the energy of what you want to achieve to your energy? That’s the gap you need to fill.

That’s also what we work on the training course: Magnetic Manifestation.

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