The projection of magnetism

Here’s an interesting quote from William Walker Atkinson:

“The projection of the physical magnetism, by the will, is, in a way, a very simple procedure, consisting of two processes, as follows: (1) The belief in, or realization of, one’s powers to so project the force; and (2) the actual willing or commanding the force to be projected.

At first it may seem somewhat strange to learn that “belief” has anything to do with this matter, but a little consideration will explain this general law of psychology. It is this way: The will never acts in a direction, which the mind believes impossible.

One never tries to reach the moon, because his mind refuses to believe that he can do it – but the child, believing that it is possible, will use his will to move his hand in that direction. The disbelief acts as a brake on the will – do you see the point?

But, you may say, the belief of the child does not enable him to reach the moon. Certainly not, but it caused his will to operate so as to move the hand. Belief does not necessarily render accomplishment certain – but it removes the barriers of disbelief, the latter preventing any accomplishment by the will. There are many things that we would be able to do if we could only believe that we could do – but disbelief acts as a brake and a barrier to the efforts of the will. Realization of one’s power will often gain half the battle of accomplishment for him.

In the case before us, the one needs only to believe enough to make the attempt. Then, each time the attempt is made, and one perceives a result, the task becomes easier for the next time. And, at last, the sense of full realization of the power of the will dawns upon the person, and after that the rest is easy.

The second process, i.e., the actual willing, or commanding, by the will, is simply what the words actually say. How can you “will” or “command” the physical magnetism to move into your personal atmosphere, and energize it? – Will it obey me? – you ask. Certainly it will. And the willing or commanding is simply effort the same that you employ, instinctively, when you will or command that your hand be raised. What makes the hand rise? It has no power to raise itself, neither have the muscles any such power in themselves. It is only when you WILL it to move, that things begin to move.

The mere willing sends a current of nerve-force over the nerves, and into the muscles, and the hand rises. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? And yet it is one of the most wonderful things in the world – only we have grown so accustomed to it that we fail to note the wonder of it all. The command of the will to the physical magnetism acts in the same manner as the command of the will to the hand.

Now, right here, is a point to be remembered. You do not merely say to the hand “raise up.” Try it on your own hand – say to it “raise up” without actually willing it to rise, and nothing happens, it is only when you accompany the command with the mysterious effort of the will, that movement occurs.

I cannot tell you how to move your hand by willing – all that I can say is that you must WILL it to rise, and you will understand exactly what I mean. Well, then WILL the physical magnetism to flow out into your personal atmosphere, just as you will the hand to rise, and the thing happens.

But, you may say, you can see the hand move, and know whether your command has been obeyed, while you cannot see the physical magnetism flow. Certainly, but you can feel the magnetism flow, and thus be certain of it.

The flow of physical magnetism soon becomes perfectly apparent to a person, and he is as certain of his radiation as he is that he is radiating heat on a warm day. It is one of those things which cannot well be explained, but which is readily understood by those who experience it.”

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