the QUALITY of sexual energy

In the previous email, we talked about the quantity of sexual energy projections.

Today we will talk about quality.

Your sexual energy has a certain quality to it. This is what other people feel. You may be projecting energy, but you’re always getting the same type of reactions from the same kind of people.

This is normal.

The quality of your sexual energy defines the reactions of other people. Just like the quantity, you can best test the quality of energy by the reactions of others.

If you have negative sexual energy, you will repel others. Most likely, you have seen those that somehow are projecting a negative sexual vibration. You don’t know precisely what is it, but you want to get away from them.

If you are attracting others, but only a limited subset of people, like: “I only attract bad boys”, or “I only attract crazy women”, then your energy has some quality that attracts these types. If you’re happy with the people you are attracting, there’s no problem and no change is needed.

The problem is only if you’re not happy with those you attract. Then something must change.

But of course, you need to understand energy for this to happen.

You need to have a firm grasp over the sexual energy foundations as taught in Sexual Energy Mastery so that you can, later on, learn how to modulate your energy quality.

The energy quality is that special “sauce” that will decide how others react to you. In sexual energy, you see those who seem to have a raw, animalistic attraction or those who seem to have a romantic and emotional attraction or those who are very intellectual in their attraction.

They are all different types of energy qualities. Neither is better or worse; just different, so it depends on your goals and objectives.

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