The quantity of sexual energy

When you project your sexual energy, you have two distinct categories:

The quantity of the energy you are projecting and the quality.

Today we will understand the quantity, and in the following email, we will talk about the quality.

The quantity is somewhat easy to understand.

You are either projecting a good amount of energy so that others can feel it, or you are not.

You may think you are projecting a lot of energy, but you are not if others aren’t feeling it. It’s widespread for students to say they feel much sexual energy inside but aren’t getting any reactions.

Feeling the energy inside is not equal to projecting it. You may feel it but not project it.

Then, you won’t have enough reactions.

This means you have some projection blocks impeding the externalization. It may also mean you have sexual energy leaks, and the energy is dissipating before you have time to project it. If your anxiety shoots up before you interact with someone, the sexual energy is depleted.

The best way to notice the quantity of energy (and the quality as well, as we’ll see tomorrow) is by the reactions of others.

If you aren’t getting any reactions, you aren’t projecting anything or only very little.

No reactions mean you are neutral to others, which equals a lack of magnetic projection.

If you are getting reactions, but they are negative, then it’s about the quality of the energy. You may be projecting, but it’s not the “good” sexual energy.

You may be having good reactions from your interactions, but they may be scarce or happening infrequently. This means you are projecting little sexual energy, and you need to boost your projections.

In others words, you need more projection of sexual energy. The internal sexual energy flow may be good, but it’s only sparingly getting through.

It would help if you had more of it. More projections of energy.

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