The Real Magnetic Influence

Some people think that this magnetism and influence we speak here in Charisma School is a shady kind of influence, like we are evil manipulators.

But that’s far from the truth.

We’ve all met people who seem to infuse us with life. Just being around them seems to drive all the sorrow away and we just feel better than before.

This is the magnetism and influence we speak of.

There is a pleasurable satisfaction in the new vitality which we feel when we come under the influence of a magnetic person. Something is added to the force of our own faculties. There is a strength and an enthusiasm in the contact.

There’s an energy transaction where a powerful energy overflows to us and leaves us feeling better than before.

I had an interesting experience. There was a woman who suffered with intense chronic headaches. Yet, each time, she was around Fabricio, these headaches would go away. While it’s a fairly rare occurrence, it can happen more than we think.

This is due to the energy transactions between individuals. We’ve all experienced feeling worst when we are with a negative person. We’ve all experienced feeling better when we are with a magnetic person.

The evidence is very full and very thoroughly corroborated that all magnetic individuals exercise this kind of of “happy influence” over those who have less magnetism and less energy than them.

Sometimes all that is necessary is to enter a room, or to merely speak a word, or give a glance of the eyes, and the negative feeling of another person goes away, to give place to a feeling of stronger vitality.

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