The real power of the magnetic training

The real power of the magnetic training comes from the cumulative effect of the development of the several components.

The Will is of course very powerful. But it becomes even more powerful when you combine with the energy development.

The energy development is naturally a strong part of the training. But combine that with the projection and you have an even better way of using it.

Development of the Inner Power alone can be quite an advantage in life. Join that with concentration and you become unstoppable.

Particularly, join all of the trainings, and you get the true power of the magnetic training.

It’s not just one thing. It’s the combination of all of them.

Even if a couple of the aspects are naturally stronger than others, still, the cumulative development is where the true power lies.

Energy, Will, Inner Power, Projection, Manifestation, Concentration and so forth. They are all facets of the same thing. They are all part of the magnetic tradition and development.

It’s like you have a diamond that you keep on polishing on all sides. Naturally, it will never be perfect. But it can be quite well polished.

We don’t seek the perfection of the facets. But a good enough development.

You don’t need the perfect concentration, the perfect energy awareness or projection. But even a 10% increase over your current baseline will bring forth extremely good benefits for your life.

Just imagine a 10% increase on all these facets written above. How would your life improve?

You aren’t just improving 10% on the Inner Power, you are improving 10% on many magnetic facets! And all of them combined make up a very strong improvement.

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