The revolutionary sexual energy work

Sexuality in general has always been a though area to handle in most people’s lives.

Any kind of minor problem can generate waves of discomfort and uneasiness.

And any major problem with your sexuality can be extremely limiting of your whole life.

Many individuals with problems and difficulties in relationships hold deep blocks in their sexual energy.

It’s very hard to hold a satisfying sexual life when such deep blocks are present.

These blocks can be of different kinds as I’ve written before.

But one thing they all have in common: they prevent the normal and natural flow of sexual energy. And when energy cannot flow, it creates outlets that may not be beneficial for us.

Energy can contract (so you won’t be expanding your own magnetism and be sexually magnetic), it can create psychosomatic disorders, it can create anxiety, among many other issues.

If you become aware of your own internal energy blocks you know exactly what happens and what are their consequences.

As an example, you notice how your stomach tightens, your heart quickens and your energy contracts when you start an interaction with someone you consider attractive.

It’s like you are shooting yourself on the foot. And all of this takes place inside of you.

Only you are only aware of an overall feeling of “anxiety”. You know something is wrong, it’s just hard to pinpoint what.

Fortunately, this situation can be healed.

The “revolutionary idea” is to become aware of these minute internal sensations and energetic movements. Once you are aware of them, you’ll notice that these internal blocks can be quickly dissipated and dissociated from sexual energy.

You then allow the energy to run its course without interruptions and blocks. No contractions, no blockages, just pure expansion of sexual energy.

But it does take work and it won’t be necessarily pleasant for everyone, particularly if you have deep traumatic issues with sexual energy.

You’ll need to dissociate previously negative feelings from sexual energy and accept a lot of the previously unacceptable feelings, emotions and energy.

This work is not necessarily easy.

Not everyone has this negative visceral reactions to sexuality and sexual energy overall. Most of us, only have blocks that prevent the energy flow and the magnetism to come out.

But as long as you persist and truly accept the sexual energy inside, then change is inevitable.

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