The role of sexuality in your life

In your mind, sexuality works like money: when you have plenty of it, you don’t think that much about it. But when you are lacking it, you think it will be THE thing that changes everything and give you everlasting happiness.

It’s like this thing is the beginning and end of all things.

When you are lacking it, sexuality occupies a huge chunk of your mind.

When you have it (and you are satisfied with it), its importance is heavily reduced. It’s just something you do/have.

If you don’t have problems with getting food, you don’t think that much about it. You simply know that when lunch times comes, you have your lunch ready in the fridge or you can go to a restaurant to eat.

Or if you are thirsty you simply drink from the bottle next to you. It doesn’t occupy any space in your mind or creates any neediness.

The problem is when you are lacking something you want, then it occupies this huge chunk of your mind and it creates a neediness mindset or one of despair, which doesn’t contribute to you getting out of the slump.

In a different way, when you are satisfied with your sexual activity, the “neediness” disappears. And like the saying goes:

“The rich get richer”

Both money and sex work in a similar way in your mind.

They are both deeply ingrained desires of the mind (physiological need and self-sufficiency), so it’s not a surprise that their psychological mechanisms are similar – not 100% equal obviously, but very similar.

In both, when you give it too much importance, they end up owning you. Your actions, thoughts, behaviors become infused with this scarcity mindset.

And of course, it doesn’t contribute to getting out of it.

At some moment, you need to own it again. You need to regain control of your mind and energy.

And interestingly enough, in sexual energy, this doesn’t happen by increasing control and tightening up your grip.

Quite opposite, it happens by loosening it, by letting go.

The more you can accept the sexual energy inside of you, the more you accept its movements and learn to enjoy its flow, the less of a neediness mindset you will have.

The – unblocked – flow of sexual energy inside gives rise to a wonderful abundant feeling that you can share with the world.

You are no longer “needing” to release this sexual energy in any way possible. No, you have learned to accept it and live with it in a very pleasant and pleasurable way.

From neediness to abundance. That’s what we work in Sexual Energy Mastery – a complete and deep acceptance of your sexual energy, by removing its blocks and improving its flow.

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