The Role of Visualization

Visualization is heavily misunderstood, as well as, over and under used. Very few people truly understand what it is and how to use it.In general, it’s being done in a very light and casual way, which makes it no more valuable than simple daydreaming.

If you get any new age book, you’ll have dozens of exercises that involve imagining a white ball flowing through you or something of the sort.

If you have tried to do these exercises, you’ll probably feel a wave of relaxation. And, as good as that is, it’s far away from the real energy work – at least the way it should be done.

These type of visualization, while useful for overall relaxation, won’t do much for serious energy work.

Especially in the beginning phases.

If you are more advanced, you can pretty much do your energy work with whatever technique someone throws your way. But in the beginning, you need to FEEL the energy… and visualization gets in the way of that.

You fool yourself by thinking your are moving energy, when nothing is really happening. Only in your imagination.

There are much more useful techniques for energy mastery based on feeling, as we discuss in the Vitality and Energy Training.

After you know what to feel, and how to move your energy, then you can use some visualization to help, but you sure need to do it WITHOUT it first. Otherwise it will be hard to understand the role of your Will in this process.

But visualization is useful for other processes.

For concentration for example. Especially when mediated by the Will and energy, it can truly be a highly efficient technique to focus your thoughts.

Or using the Tratak technique.

Tratak is a very different, highly unique and very powerful use of true visualization. Although it’s not easy to master, it’s the closest thing we have to achieve true mind control. Once you learn it, you are able to see it’s multiple applications in all walks of life.

While visualization is a very versatile and good technique, it’s also very easy to it wrong – which only leads to weak or no results.

Learn it’s many secrets, as well as Tratak, and much more techniques in the training:
>>> Concentration and Mind Control

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