The secret of mental alchemy

Here’s an interesting quote from William Walker Atkinson:

“The secret of mental alchemy may be stated as consisting first, last and always, of the art of mental imaging, reinforced by the will.

While to the beginner the subject of mentalism may seem a very complicated one, the advanced occultist knows it to be the very extreme of simplicity.

Mental alchemy, under whatever name it may masquerade, may be found to consist, at the last, of simply the power to create strong, clear, mental images, and to project them into the outer world by means of the concentrated will…

You will find that all you have ever read on the subject may be ‘boiled down’ to the above stated principle.

The rest is a mere matter of detail. This single statement is mentalism in a nutshell.”

Atkinson here revealed the secret to pretty much all energy movements as well as projection.

“The art of mental imaging reinforced by the Will”

This needs to be better explained.

Mental imagining it doesn’t necessarily mean the actual visualizing (although it can also mean that) It’s imagination in the larger context. It could be visualization, but it’s much more than this.

It’s what your mind can create and conceive. So don’t reduce it only to one specific mental function.

And “reinforced by the Will”, it’s also used in the larger context of what we consider the Will State.

An unification of mind, body and energy into a common purpose.

So, when you create something in your mind and you have a strong Will State fueling it, then you generate a force that is not to be reckon with.

It’s powerful!

It can be used for projection, manifesting, internal power… pretty much everything!

And that’s the secret William Walker Atkinson placed so readily available in his book. The problem is that most people won’t really understand it without an experiential knowledge of the Will State, inner power and so on.

That’s why he talks about a beginner not fully understanding it.

How could he?

If he can’t unify mind, body and energy into a single purpose, he will never be able to energize his own mental creations – so they become empty thoughts… or at very least, weak thoughts.

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