The secret to unlimited motivation

Many students are still under the impression that the motivation to do a certain task is like an external force that comes to your aid.
Something like a universal energy that strikes you and all of a sudden you have unlimited energy to do a task and accomplish your goals.
Something outside of you that boost you up. Like Zeus in Mount Olympus sends you a thunder and bang! You are now motivated!
And if that external “force” doesn’t strike you, then you won’t do anything or only do minor things.
That’s a serious error of judgment that will hinder your life and goals in many ways.
Whatever you decide to do, maybe you’ll have an initial surge of motivation brought by the novelty effect, but this energy won’t be there forever.
After a certain period – how long depends on your particular circunstances – this initial motivation will die.
It’s like the “muse” has left you. And this is when the goals gently fade away.
Which brings a pattern of starting and stopping many different activities, tasks, objectives.
What most people don’t realize is that the “muse” is inside of you all along.
It’s not an external force that you have no control over. It’s not like, now you’re motivated, tomorrow you’re not and the next day motivation comes back again.
Not at all.
Your ability to Will, the connection to your own Will, is the “muse”. This is what brings the motivation and what keeps bringing it.
When you decide to DO, regardless if the motivation is there or not, you will bring it back. You create it yourself when you decide to DO.
Of course, you won’t be greatly inspired every single day. Some days are better than others, but it’s about doing it consistently. Willing it consistently.
And the motivation appears!
The muse will only come with the Will. When you talk with any high performer on any walk of life, they will tell you the same thing. Some days are rough, but they do it anyway. They use their Will consistently and because of that the motivation, the bouts of energy are there also consistently. They don’t vanish from one day to the next.
I can’t tell you how many times I wasn’t “in the mood” to do a certain task – like writing this email to you -, yet, I’ve decided to do it anyway and great things suddenly pop up!
The “muse” miraculously shows its face! Motivation suddenly appeared.
While if I give in to the moods of the moment, motivation will never come. Consistency in what you have to do as well as a strong decision to Will, are the relevant aspects.
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