The secrets to Subtle Tension Energy

Subtle Tension Energy is a type of energy.It’s true that many people possess this Subtle Tension Energy naturally.

If you are already charismatic and magnetic, most likely Subtle Tension Energy is there somewhere!

But whether it is brought by your own practice or by natural habits, it doesn’t matter; it becomes natural once it’s attained.

Accidental habits don’t produce better results than acquired habits and practice.

From exercises to habits is a natural path. In this busy modern times, most individuals object to doing exercises. They want the benefits without effort.

The most interesting phenomenon is that the more sedentary and lazy you are, the more exercises you’ll need. The more active you are, the less exercises you’ll need.

Life is nothing except what the accumulation of habits makes it. All our behaviors, thoughts, success (or lack thereof), emotions, feelings, depend on the habits we adopt.

The earlier you start to adopt magnetic habits, with tension energy behind it, the earlier you can have a magnetic, vital and charismatic life.

All the information to develop Subtle Tension Energy is in here:

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