The Semi-Asleep Life

A very interesting Harvard study came out a few years ago. It experimented with having an actor asking for directions to some random pedestrian, and while they were talking, a crowd of people or a large wooden door came between them.Another actor, with different clothes, hair cut and overall physiology was replaced.

I’m sure you think everyone would immediately notice this.

Yet, surprisingly, half of the pedestrians didn’t noticed anything! They actually didn’t noticed the change from one person they were talking to another completely different.

Am I the only one to think this is a problematic state of affairs?

How automatic would you have to be on your day to day life to not notice the change of someone you were talking with?

How little attention is being placed in our own interactions and overall life?

And don’t think even for a minute that this was a fluke that only happened in this study.

If you’ve been reading this newsletter for a while, you know that I’ve repeatedly spoken about how most people live in a sort of passive state, asleep for life, with little control over their own actions, thoughts, attention and behaviors.

They are driven by their random thoughts, moods and being easily influenced.

As you can imagine, a passive person is a PERFECT target for propaganda, marketing, influence and overall manipulation.

There’s only one way to AWAKE from this passive state: a training of Inner Power!

First with awareness of what’s happening inside (and outside) of yourself, then a specific training to regain control over your mind, body and behaviors.

This will connect you with your true Will, your true source of power that is not dependent upon anything or anyone and allows you to live the life you truly want as opposed to a semi-asleep life, driven by a wild mind with random thoughts and moods.

Start this AWAKENING with our training course 10 Steps to Inner Power:

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