The Sexual Gaze

A reader recently emailed me the following video and asked me to comment on it:

I recommend you to watch it before reading the rest of this email.It’s a humorous video but with a certain truth to it and very much related to the the Magnetic Gaze and Sexual Magnetism.Contrary to popular belief, a Geisha is not a hooker, but more of a hostess who is trained to entertain
men. That’s why they learn the Classic Japanese Arts, such as music and dance.As you can imagine, they need a high degree of Sexual Magnetism to have any kind of power over men.

What you’ve seen from a “Geisha stare” video it’s an application of the Sexual Magnetism that she developed over many years of training.

Not training in Sexual Magnetism per se, but training in different sensual arts that end up developing her Sexual Magnetism naturally.

She trained her confidence, her “under the hood” sexuality, her body movements, her sexual mental state.

And with it, she developed a powerful Sexual Magnetism capable of stopping a man in the street (or a truck!).

This perfectly real and happens every single day.

Fortunately this is not a privilege exclusive to women.Women can develop this to great heights, but so can men!

The same way a woman can stop a man in the street, the opposite can also happen. A man can also stop a woman in the street using his gaze alone.

It’s called the Sexual Gaze. It’s a mix of the power of the Magnetic Gaze with Sexual Energy.

A very powerful mix indeed!

But the most important part of developing this type of gaze is the Sexual Magnetism. Without it, nothing
can be transmitted.

As you can imagine, a simple training of SM would be so much faster and efficient than spending years learning these kind of Japanese traditional arts and training to be geisha!

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