The sin of sexual energy

Many major religions forbid or heavily restrict sexual activity for anything other than reproduction inside the “sanctity” of wedlock.

Yet, most people who follow those religions choose to put this particular rule aside.

And there’s a good reason for it.

Sexual energy arises inside all of us the same way. It’s pleasurable and it feels good. It pushes us to act on it.

If you simply forbid it and try to restrict it without teaching how to handle it and work with it, then there’s little hope for success of that rule.

History has taught us this lesson well. Sexual scandals are quite prevalent throughout the centuries up until our modern age. From priests who get their followers pregnant, to gurus who take advantage of their followers, we have a little bit of everything. It’s so cliché these days that movies and TV series constantly reproduce its stories.

Regardless of religion’s best efforts, they can’t control it.

Religions often call sexual energy our “animal urge” that need to be restrained and limited. And in fact, it may as well be since this is something we share with animals.

But I contest the need to be restrained and limited.

Instead I offer the need to be understood and accepted as part of us. It doesn’t matter how many times you claim it’s a sin to give in to your sexual urges if you don’t teach people how to handle them.

Sexual energy is there, and it will continue to be, whether we like it or not. And it will continue to be part of every single human that is born.

The problem is that no one teaches you how to handle this powerful energy inside. It’s just something you are left to learn on your own.

And some people do it easily, while others struggle with it their whole lives. Not accepting it, restricting it, repressing it, and so on.

It often generates many internal struggles, illnesses and anxiety. It’s easy to understand why.

If you have a powerful energy inside… an energy that is powerful enough to generate another human being, and you attempt to limit it and restrain it, what will happen?

As our favorite Jurassic Park character, Dr. Malcom, says: “Life finds a way”.

The problem is that this way might not be our ideal one.

Personally, I prefer to work WITH this energy rather than against it. Instead of repress it, I accept it. Instead of limiting it, I potentiate it.

And that’s what it’s taught in Sexual Energy Mastery.

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