The solution to the self-awareness block (Part 2)

On the previous email we discussed about a particular problem called “Self-Awareness block”.

As we found out it happens with people with too much thinking or self-awareness and too much self-restriction/control, which will inevitably block any type of projection.

So you can be trying to naturally project sexual energy, yet, others don’t feel anything.

If you are restricting and controlling, you are also blocking the energy.

And the important question is: How can you fix it?

It naturally depends on your own particular situation, and I’ve often worked with students to find out exactly what is their own particular situation, but overall, it’s about letting go of the “restrictions”.

When less-energy-aware individuals describe this solution, they tell you about “you need to stop caring” or “just be yourself”.

Most likely you’ve tried to do it… but how exactly do you implement it? There are no step-by-step instruction, only a meta level instruction.

Those advices can be correct, but you certainly need more information than that to successfully implement it.

Once we reflect about our inner experience we figure out that it doesn’t mean that you don’t care about the outcome, but, instead, what needs to happen is a releasing of the internal feeling of restriction.

When you start your own energy and body awareness training like the Vitality and Energy Training, you begin to uncover interesting internal feelings.

And if you become aware of what exactly do you feel in these situations, you will notice an internal feeling of restriction, often located on the head area, although not uniquely.

It’s often like there’s an armor around this area.

Nothing gets in but also nothing gets out.

Including your personal or sexual magnetism that you are working so hard for.

If you play around with this feeling, releasing it, intensifying it, letting it go, you will be able to control it and you can simply get rid of it when you feel like it.

Hence, you keep the awareness – since it’s a useful tool – but you let go of the internal feeling of restriction.

You get rid of the armor!

And although this is a matter of relaxation, it’s a relaxing when and where it matters, which is actually DURING those situations where the self-awareness blocks tends to happen more frequently.

But you do need to work on becoming aware of this internal energetic and bodily feelings that open the door to finally getting rid of the internal feeling of restriction.

This is exactly what we do in the Vitality and Energy Training.

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