The source of all negative experiences

Here’s an interesting question from a student:

“What is the source or engine, so to say of all the less than positive experiences? Addictions, pains, fears, to name a few. And how can they be eliminated?”

It’s definitely not an easy or short question to answer. Particularly over one email.

In Charisma School, we don’t elaborate that much into the “source” of these negative experiences. We can think about infancy, developmental issues, traumas, etc – and each psychologist has a different answer for it.

Instead we focus a lot on the engine of the way they work and what can you do with it.

What happens internally in an addiction or a pain or fear?

How does it pop up in your daily life? How do you notice it?

What happens in your body and in your energy?

Each addiction, or pain, or fear has a corresponding working inside of you. It works in a certain way. How do you know that are anxious? How do you know that you want to smoke or drink or gamble?

There’s an inside engine, something that’s driving you do behave in a certain way.

Once you understand that internal engine, you may direct the energy into a different path. One that is more productive and useful for you.

But you need to understand it’s internal mechanism first. Then you change your behavior.

If you attempt to “not smoke”, “not gamble”, “not have fear”, “not being anxious”, the results probably won’t be very good.

If it were this easy, everyone would do it.

No, you need to find out it’s internal workings inside of you and what’s driving that behavior.

We can explore it deeply and you may even uncover the source of how it developed in your life – why you started feeling/behaving like that in the first place. But we don’t focus on it. If you find this source, good. If you don’t, good as well.

As you long as you experientially understand the workings of that negativity inside of you and you can eliminate it from your life, the work is accomplished.

All our trainings focus on this in some way, but Will Mastery talks about this very topic in a very detailed way, going through the whole process from impulse to behavior and what can be done about it.

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