The transmission of the magnetic tradition

I’ve always felt really good about being a part of the transmission of this magnetic tradition.

It was very exciting for me when I was accepted as a student. I remember being at an airport on my way to my initial lesson when I saw a nice looking leather bound notebook on one of the airport stores.

I bought it at a somewhat large price to write everything Fabricio said, since it was so valuable for me that it was worth being recorded in such a beautiful notebook.

I still keep this (and other) notebooks, although now fortunately a large part of the information is being transformed to digital format with the Charisma School courses.

I’ve often had people emailing me asking why I was openly sharing this valuable knowledge.

And my answer is always twofold:

First, me and Fabricio evaluated very well this situation of the transmission through online trainings and decided to do it, because the tradition was getting lost. When we die, we wouldn’t have anyone else to continue its transmission.

It was getting very hard finding people who actually wanted to dedicate themselves into learning deeply an esoteric art like this.

And a knowledge of centuries would be lost. No records, very little written down, everything was by word of mouth.

So if we wanted this tradition to continue on living, we would need to openly disclose it in a worldwide fashion on a digital format.

Secondly, you’ll find this to be the case with most esoteric, religious and spiritual traditions. You can now find the deepest teachings of buddhism or qigong or tantra, in a $20 book and in live seminars that happen all around the world.

We are living in an age where previously hidden knowledge is now easily accessible.

It’s not a matter of one tradition or two being shared… no, EVERYTHING is being shared. All traditions are now in the open. And for the same reasons we’re also sharing – to avoid dying.

Even secret societies which barely had anything written down in centuries, now have all their secrets available in web pages and books.

Just think about how it was 100 years ago.

If you wanted to learn yoga you would need to go to India. Meditation was something most people never heard about. Not mentioning about most kinds of energy arts.

Now you’ll find most of them being taught in gyms or studios around the corner of your house.

You’ll also find online courses that teach you whatever you want to know in the esoteric arts for a few hundred dollars.

When I started learning magnetism, I’ve made a hefty investment in traveling, hostels, etc. It wasn’t cheap. Particularly because low cost airlines weren’t a thing back then. I worked a lot just to be able to afford it. Pretty much everything I earned in measly jobs was to finance learning magnetism.

Now everything is sure easier.

I’m not saying this is a good or a bad thing. It’s just the way it is. It’s sure good to have everything available in a few clicks. But it’s also bad to be so easy, since it loses value.

Win some lose some. There’s always a trade-off.

Overall, I feel very good in being able to share these teachings with you and I know that, if you are reading this, it’s because you also see the value in them.

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