The true goal of personal magnetism

We all start personal magnetism training for a similar reason. I did it in my teenage years because I wanted to get more girlfriends – those were the days when there were very little concerns aside from that.

Not much different than most teenage boys.

Maybe for you it was similar, depending on how you started. Maybe you wanted to have a more active social life, or get a better job, or move your project forward with the strength of your charisma.

There can be many reasons.

But what we get in the improvement of our personal magnetism far surpasses this initial reason.

It certainly did for me.

I started to realize there was a whole different world that I was completely oblivious about.

I had no idea about the energy inside and outside of me. About the workings of the mind and the hidden layer of interaction between people.

I discovered far more that I was expecting.

The true goal of the magnetic development ends up being achieving of control over your life, mind and energy. How much control is up to you. Maybe you want to go as deep as you can – which is my own path – or maybe you reach a certain stage and it will be enough. That’s fine as well.

But this achievement is far more what we initially aim for.

Simply because personal magnetism is about energy and its relation with everyone around you.

If you want to achieve it, a certain measure of control of energy is necessary.

And when your eyes are truly opened to that reality, you can’t close them again. You can’t ignore what you discovered and felt inside of you.

And this changes everyone.

It’s inevitable.

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