The truth about sexual tension (Part 2)

On the last email, we discussed about tension, how tension is nothing more than a buildup of energy with no release and with no “escape pod”.

We also discussed how the tension energy exercises are a powerful way to vitalize your own body in a conscious and controlled way.

But, the whole point of these two emails is understanding sexual tension on an interaction. So where does it fit in?

During an interaction, sexual tension is the SHARED buildup of this energy.

BOTH you and the other person are feeling this build up of energy.

Naturally, your own energy rises but so does the energy of the other person. And this energy, unlike a situation with your boss, this one has the specific sexual quality to it.

So you feel a SHARED increase of an energy with sexual quality.

You feel it and the other person feels it (although they may choose to ignore or break that tension).

One common question is: how do you know when it’s shared or when it’s something only you are feeling?

If you have a minimum of energy awareness you can feel it from the other person and the overall interaction.

More specifically, when it’s only you that have this buildup of energy, then you are in a very closed loop of energy.

Nothing goes out, everything is inside.

When it’s shared, you can feel the energy going back and forth between you and the other person, until it generates a powerful flow of energy both INSIDE and OUTSIDE your body.

Similar to tension created by a magnet that both attracts and repels.

Most “players” learned to love (and INCREASE) this feeling! Most of the akward men and women, run for the hills when they get it and immediately break the tension.

Regardless of the situation, the more you are comfortable with this tension created inside of you, the more control you’ll have in interactions.

Whether in negative interactions – like getting fired, screwing up, etc – or in positive interactions – like with sexual tension.

Either way you need to handle it and not run for the hills. Even on a bad interaction, like when you screw up.

Particularly in sexual tension, you want to learn to accept and LOVE this feeling. Get comfortable with it and embrace it, which is what we do in Sexual Energy Mastery.

Then you’ll be able to use it much more efficiently – and increase it on the other person, which is what we do in Become a Sexual Man.

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