The ultimate purpose of magnetism

Here’s an interesting question from a student:

“How can magnetism clue you into your life path and help you to make better decisions in life?”

That is, in fact, the ultimate purpose of magnetism.

That’s genuine charisma: magnetism can come out of you effortlessly when you are truly connected with your path, with no blocks in your way.

That’s our ultimate purpose. To be in tune with our Will, internally and externally, so that your energy can flow easily.

It’s an apparently easy goal. In short, we only need NOT stop our energy flow – inside and out. Yet, at the same time, it can feel impossibly hard.

Our thoughts, blocks, emotions, mind, everything seems to get in the way!

And so the road to getting there is to learn precisely what prevents a natural energy flow and how we can optimize it.

That’s exactly what we do in all our magnetic paths.

We learn how we can connect with our Will. This will give us a direction. But we also need to clean up our defense mechanisms, such as the blocks created as we grow to defend ourselves from the environment.

Those blocks had a good and worthwhile purpose. They were the best way we knew to protect ourselves from threats. But now, we can figure out the best way. We don’t need to contract our heart centers each time we go on a date. This is not exactly threatening our life.

All these defense mechanisms need to be undone. But of course, for this to happen, you need to know where they are, how they are working inside of you, and start to let go of them.

By doing this through your energy awareness, inner power, and what’s stopping your interaction with the external world (i.e. your projection), you can develop a genuine connection to your Will.

Little by little, you’ll finally begin to listen to your authentic energy – the energy that can now flow without blocks. And this will give you the answers you seek to your purpose and other decisions in life.

That’s the ultimate goal of our path of magnetism and charisma.

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