The unseen magnetic struggle in interactions

Here’s a very important quote of William Walker Atkinson with many important elements of personal magnetism (emphasis is mine):

“It is apparent to all students of human nature that there is a wonderful difference in the degrees of what is called “personal force” observable in different persons with whom we come in contact. Some are very “forceful”, and others are quite “forceless”, and others form varying degrees between these two extremes. This difference in “personal force” depends upon the degrees of dynamic “positivity” or “negativity” in the “magnetism” of each person.

The man who is able to manifest a strong degree of Mind-Power along the lines of motive polarity, or Will-power, becomes dynamically “positive”. I use the word “positive” in this connection in the sense of Webster’s definition: “having the power to direct action or influence”. Passing down the scale, through varying and lessening degrees of “positivity”, we reach the case of the man who is almost devoid of this power of manifesting Mind Power – and his condition we call that of dynamic “negativity”. By “negative”, as I use it here, I mean: “non-positive; lacking the power of direct action or influence”.

Now every person has his own degree of dynamic “positivity”. Each one is dynamically positive to some others, and dynamically negative to others still – unless indeed one has reached the limit of positivity or negativity, which limit cannot be definitely fixed.

Two persons meet each other. At once there ensues a silent, quiet struggle between their dynamic mentation, depending for its intensity upon the importance of the meeting. Still, in any and all events, the struggle ensues, usually unconsciously. It may be over in a moment, or it may last a long time, but from that struggle, sooner or later, one or the other must emerge a victor, unless, as is rarely the case, they are of equal degrees of positivity. And there is no mistake about the result – each one recognizes himself as the victor, or the defeated, and adjusts himself to his relative position.

I do not mean by this that the degree of dynamic positivity is fixed permanently in either person. For the contrary is the case. One of the persons who is really stronger, usually, may be weaker at that particular time owing to his will being fatigued, or by reason of his having relaxed his will-power, as is often the case. An in such a case, the defeated one may be the victor at the next encounter, or may even rally his energies in a moment later and turn the tables. One may have a strong will, in moments of activity, and yet in moments of passivity he may relax it very much.

And, a still more important fact: one may so increase his will-power that he will be able to completely dominate those who formerly over-mastered and ever over-awed him.”

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