There is nothing supernatural about it

Evelyn Underhill, the author of one of the best books on mysticism, wrote:

“The first lesson of the would-be magus is self-mastery. In its essence magical initiation is a traditional form of mental discipline, strengthening and focusing the will.

There is nothing supernatural about it. Like the more arduous, more disinterested self-training of the mystic, it is character-building with an object, conducted upon a heroic scale.”

It’s also not a coincidence that our first personal magnetism and charisma training is the 10 Steps to Inner Power which focuses on developing your Will.

Most people are not interested in strengthening and focusing the Will. Yet, it’s the most crucial step of all.

Without it, everything is a lot harder.

I understand that the training of inner power and Will is not the shiny thing. Blasting red energy rays out of your hands is certainly a lot sexier than mental control and inner power.

Yet… it’s the very foundation of all those sexy things.

And it’s the same on magical initiation, on mysticism, on healing or whatever energetic or esoteric pursuit you decide to follow.

I’m not sure how you can develop your own personal magnetism when you are still allowing your unconscious to run the show.

Remember that if you aren’t already magnetic, something must change in you.

What you are now doing automatically is not working. If it was working, you would already be magnetic and wouldn’t need any of it.

And since your automatic behavior is not working to get you where you want to go, you must take control of your mind.

You can’t allow your unconscious to do what it pleases. Your Will needs to take control.

That’s the first and most crucial aspect.

Everything else is built on top of it. Energy awareness, energy projection, remote influence, and so on. All those shiny things are built on top of the Will and inner power.

Don’t get me wrong. You don’t need a perfect Will, nor will this be something you can do in just a couple of months.

But learning its major principles, having this awareness, keep increasing and focusing your Will as the time goes by, will naturally and exponentially increase whatever energetic training you are doing.

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