There’s no such thing as negative energy

I’ve often written about negative energy in this newsletter or in the trainings… yet, there’s no such thing as negative energy.

Energy is energy, there’s not a negative or a positive values built into it. Those are our own terms.

Why do I use it then?

I use this term so that it’s easily understood. Everyone has felt negative energy at certain moments and know how it feels. You can recognize what is positive and what is negative in your energy (considering you have energy awareness).

I use a very simple definition: either if feels good or it feels bad. That’s it. That’s the simple definition of positive or negative energy: how it feels to you.

Of course, there’s a lot of caveats surrounding it (it’s not that simple!) and we go over it during the trainings and also in several emails.

That’s a definition created by us… but energy can’t be negative or positive. Energy is energy. Not good or bad.

It’s easy to understand if you think of it like an object, let’s say a knife.

You can use a knife to have one of the greatest meals of your life and eat a great, juicy steak. Yet, you can also use it to kill someone.

It’s the same object, no difference there. What changes is what you do with it. It’s both positive and negative.

When we talk about negative energy we talk about the energy that can fuel negative behaviors that can pull you (or others) to directions you’d prefer not to go… hence they don’t feel good (whether when you are under its influence, or after). We can talk about the energy behind emotions like anger, fear or anxiety.

It’s a strong energy with a quality that we perceive as a negative.

Yet, this energy with a negative quality is essential for our survival. We can’t get rid of it altogether. If it wouldn’t be for fear, we wouldn’t be here. We would all be dead since we wouldn’t be fearful of dangerous animals like snakes in the woods, allowing them to bite us and infuse us with their poisonous venom.

So this quality of the energy has a positive purpose as well. It keep us alive. Or defend us from predators. Even in our modern word, we need fear, anger, anxiety and so on. We need negative energy.

Negative emotions are part of life. Same as energy with negative qualities. Fortunately for us, it will never disappear altogether.

You just can’t allow it to run your life. Fear – and it’s energy – has a purpose, but it can’t be your major driving force. The same as anger or anxiety.

They are all useful in some situations, just not as the primary driving force or as an energy that forces you to behave in a way that you’d prefer not to.

The same way, “positive energy” can have negative qualities. I’m sure you don’t need to think too much about that. It’s pleasurable when you binge watch netflix instead of doing what you need to do. It feels good at the time. Yet, you feel bad after. There’s a negative consequence.

The polarities are present everywhere.

So it’s important that you recognize energy by what it is, label it as you must, but always keep it under the control of the Will! That’s what’s going to make a true difference in how you are using it in your life.

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