There’s nothing too good for you!

Here’s a great quote from William Walker Atkinson:

“There has grown up in the minds of many people the delusion that there is some real merit in taking the mental position that desirable things are “too good for me”, and denying that they have any merit whatsoever in them.

So prevalent has become this idea, that it has developed a race of hypocrites and pharisees, who go about proclaiming their humble goodness, and their meek humility, until one gets tired of hearing their talk – and talk is all there is to it, for these same people slyly manage to reach out for the good things in sight, even while decrying the value of the aforesaid good things, and denying their worthiness to receive anything at all.

I take quite the other position. I believe that there is nothing too good for the men and women who assert their right to live and to partake of the good things of earth.

I am reminded of the French soldier who carried a dispatch to Napoleon, and whose horse dropped dead from fatigue as he sprang from it and handed the Emperor the dispatch which he had carried from miles away. Napoleon wrote an answer, and dismounting from his horse handed the bridle to the soldier, saying, “Take this horse and ride back, comrade.” “Nay,” cried the soldier as he gazed at the blooded horse and his trappings, “it is too magnificent and grand for me, a common soldier.” “Take it!” cried Napoleon, “there is nothing too grand and magnificent for a soldier of France!”.

And these words, rapidly repeated through the ranks and columns of his army, gave to his tired troops a new and fresh inspiration and energy. “Nothing too grand and magnificent for a soldier of France,” they said, and the thought that they were such worthy individuals inspired them to the almost miraculous deeds that followed.

Napoleon understood human nature, and the laws of psychology. Tell a man that he is a worm of the dust, and deserving of nothing but kicks and punishment, and if he believes you he will sink to the mental level of the worm and will cringe and crawl and eat dirt.

But let him know that he has within him the divine spark, and that there is nothing too good for him; nothing that he has not a right to aspire to; no heights which are not his own if he but climb to them—tell him these things, I say, and he will become a transfigured creature, ready and willing to attempt great things, and do mighty deeds. “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”

And that is why I am trying to tell you that you have a right to all the good things there are — that you are a worthy human being and not a crawling thing of the dust. That is why I tell you to raise up your head and look the world in the eyes, affirming your relationship with the Divine Cause that brought you into being, and asserting your right to partake of your heritage from that Power.”

Accepting that you are worthy of the success that comes your way is certainly an important aspect of manifestation. It will be harder to manifest your own successful life if you don’t think it can be done or if you don’t think you’re worthy of it.

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