Why is Thinking Important for Magnetism?

Why is your thinking important for Personal Magnetism?

The importance of your thinking processes for personal magnetism are known from the works of Atkinson, Shaftesbury, and many other New Thought authors. Many of them have written about the process of thinking.

It’s not a coincidence.

Thinking is something we do all day everyday. Whether in a good way or a bad way, it’s an important activity which shapes who we are and our behaviors.

This goes further than the inner voice or self-talk. It’s the way you think and how you think. The process, the quality, the energy. All of it has an influence.

Obviously, the importance of your thinking goes way beyond personal magnetism. But it’s still an important concept in personal magnetism.

Clear thinking is a disciplining of the mind. Especially when this clear thinking is not natural from birth for you. If you were born (or raised) with the gift of a pristine clear thinking, you won’t have the same MAGNETIC benefits as someone who actually needs to develop and train this mind discipline.

The very process of disciplining your thinking process is an important magnetic activity.

Of course, if you were born with this gift, then I’m sure you know you have many other set of advantages in life.

It’s important to distinguish that thinking a lot doesn’t necessarily mean that you think well and with clarity. You may be constantly in your mind and not have clear thinking.

In fact, this is the most common pattern I see with students. Sometimes, they are very self-conscious and are constantly “thinking”, yet, in very inefficient ways which hinder their own personal magnetism.

In that sense, the disciplining of the mind and the thinking process, is even more important and something that precludes the whole training.

We have two trainings that are particularly relevant on your thinking process. The first is obviously the 10 Steps to Inner Power, which goes to very foundations of your mind. The second is the Concentration and Mind Control, which has a whole module dedicated to Efficient Thinking which goes deeper than the 10 Steps.

Both of them are fully relevant and important for a magnetic life.

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