Thinking Vs Being

Here’s an interesting question from a student:

“I think he tries to think positive thoughts and even gave a speech on emotional detox, but what he is projecting is completely different from what he’s saying. If he is constantly psychoing himself to think positive, why is his energy quality still so poor? I wonder if that means he is using thought suppression or other harmful methods?”

This is a common pattern in the self-help industry.

You’ll find plenty of people like that. All the right words can come out of their mouths, they could even have positive thoughts like that, but still, they are miserable, or they project a negative energy.

It’s like you have a “positivity” mask but beneath it, you’re still the same miserable person.

There’s a very clear reason for that.

It doesn’t necessarily means they are using harmful methods – at least consciously.

The reason is simple:

There’s “think positive” and there’s “be positive”.

This is related to the energy quality behind the thoughts (and your own energy quality). It’s also one of the most common ways of why affirmations in general fail.

You can repeat to yourself over and over how great you are, but if you don’t feel it, or if the energy is not of that good quality, then it will be only an empty thought.

Just something you repeat over and over without any meaning or power.

It’s deprived of energy. Or worse, with the wrong kind of energy. The one you don’t want – and you end up reinforcing it.

The thoughts are – of course – important and a part of it, something you must inevitably change right from the beginning of your journey, but it’s not enough.

You also need the energetic component.

That gives the fuel to the thinking.

Thoughts themselves are (very) powerful, but it’s not just the CONTENTS of thoughts – as important as they are. It’s also their energetic quality.

Both of these elements give you a very powerful combination capable of an intense change in you.

That’s what we work in our journey to Personal Magnetism.

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