this is just a coincidence

When you are working with energy, particularly if you are changing your own energy to a more magnetic one, certain events become more common.

You get more attention, you get compliments, people look at you more, others will start more conversations with you, and so on.

It doesn’t start everything at once, but several minor things start to happen in the course of your day.

And it’s very easy to dismiss all these minor events thinking it’s just a coincidence or whatever other excuse your brain comes up.

But as you are dismissing it, it’s like you are saying to yourself that you don’t want more of that type of events – big or small.

You keep on blocking them.

Needless to say that the permanent change of your energy will take a long time if you keep rejecting and dismissing the good things you are seeking.

While it may look obvious and you may think that you’ll never do that, you can do it quite often.

When this happens, it’s time to accept it, not reject it.

You reject it because your conscious mind is not yet ready to accept this change. It’s a 180º turn in your life and experience. It doesn’t believe it.

It’s not part of your identity and what you consider your own self. It’s also a way of protecting yourself, for not inflating your expectations and to avoid a larger fall if it doesn’t work.

So you say:

“It’s not real change, it’s just a coincidence!”

And you dismiss it, not give it importance… and most importantly, you don’t feed it! We always need to feed – give energy – to the thoughts, event and behaviors we want to reinforce and deplete of energy those that we don’t want.

That’s a general guideline and rule of thumb.

But rejecting these new events, regardless of how small they may be, it’s sending the wrong message to your brain and to your energy.

It’s saying: “In reality, I don’t want this change.”

And of course, your brain and energy will comply.

They will bring you lesser and lesser of these events, and keep bringing you the events that you are comfortable with and actually give attention (and energy) to.

Remember that when working with energy you always want to reinforce what we want more of and deplete of energy what you want less of.

This works both in events in real life as well as in thoughts (as we discussed last week).

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