This is not Natural

I’ve often had people telling me that these teachings are “not natural” and these are not habits of “normal

That’s 100% true.

In fact, most people don’t even have 5% of the traits and behaviors we discuss here in Charisma School.

That’s why most people around you are not charismatic and magnetic.

But maybe you know a handful of people who are magnetic. Notice their traits and behaviors and compare them to what you read in this newsletter and our courses.

While there are bound to have some differences, you will be able to realize a lot more common ground than you would find in the so called “normal people”.

At some point you need to decide if you want to be “normal” or if you want to stand out from the crowd and play on a whole new different league.

When you make this decision, you can realize what brought you up until this point is not enough to get you to this “new league”.

That’s where the new habits and teachings come in. They necessarily can’t be “natural” and “normal”. Otherwise they would be more of the same and nothing would truly change in you.

You need a new mindset and behaviors. Only this way can you drop “normality” and truly embrace charisma.

Start to play in a different league with the 10 Steps to Inner Power here:

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