this is the power of the energy

Yesterday I promised you that I’ll tell you an actual story of my Magnetic Gaze training with Fabricio.So we start:

We were visiting a beach neither of us have ever been to. It wasn’t any kind of “formal” training, we were just relaxing and talking randomly, having a coffee in a beach bar right next to the ocean with an amazing view.

(as I’m writing this, I’m suddenly feeling an urge to take a walk on the beach!)

I remember very clearly that we were talking about the uses of the Magnetic Gaze.

He was telling that it goes way beyond direct uses of the gaze techniques. He told me the most important of the uses is a manipulation of the energy that is all around us. The pranic energy, the Qi, or whatever you want to call it.

By doing this, by becoming a strong energy “manipulator” you won’t even need much of the gaze direct techniques, you can just use the energy with the gaze as the medium.

The road to get there is always through the gaze.

(And he was a MASTER at this. I still strive to be as good as he was in this energy mastery)

Right as we were talking about this, two women sat on the table next to us. He gazed at them, then turned to me and said:

“Use your gaze to attract that girl” and pointed discretely to the one on the right.

At this point of my training, it wasn’t a real challenge anymore. Especially because I already sensed her sexual energy increasing while she was gazing at me. So, the deck was stacked on my favour.

And Fabricio knew this.

I just replied: “Sure, no problem”.

I didn’t felt the need to approach her, I just started working with a direct technique of the gaze. I increased the energy between us in a very strong way.

The energy became so strong that she just had to talk to me. So, SHE approached our table, without her friend – which btw is quite rare in women – and asked me directly without even looking at Fabricio:

“Have I met you before?”

I told her: “No, I don’t think I ever met you”. And just looked at her without saying anything else.

(It’s just an extra something to create a stronger energetic connection with her)

So, she was just standing there a bit awkward and mumbled:

“Well, I just thought that I did, I’m sorry”

As she was preparing to leave with a sad look in her face, I told her:

“Why don’t you and your friend join us for a coffee?”

She bighted up and eagerly said “SURE!”

At this point I just knew that the mission had been accomplished and looked victoriously to Fabricio as she brought her friend over.

Fabricio remained in silence without saying anything. I knew that he wasn’t interested in getting to know, or even to talk to any of them.

As we started to talk, Fabricio kept pretty much to himself as I talked with my new two “friends”. I was feeling quite good, since the other girl was also showing signs of attraction toward me. Life was good!

A few minutes past by, Fabricio looked at me and I immediately knew he was going to start to do something. I didn’t knew what, I just knew that look.

I continued to talk to them, and Fabricio kept in the same position, barely talking. Yet, I noticed that they were starting to interact with him much more. Asking more questions, their chairs and heads turning toward him, their body language pointing to him.

And after a few minutes I just felt it: there was no more sexual energy toward me. I still felt it in the air, but it was all toward Fabricio! And yet he barely spoke!

After he knew that I figured it out, he made up some excuse and we left leaving fake phone numbers.

As we got into the car, Fabricio said to me:

“This is the power of the energy. It’s time I teach you this”

And so we started with the energy teachings that are now part of the Magnetic Gaze Level 3 which joined with Sexual Magnetism make a very powerful combination.

This is how I discovered that the Magnetic Gaze teachings go much deeper than just a few eye contact techniques. It’s the mastery of all the energy around us, the one we use on interactions, as well as inside of ourserselves.

Whenever you are ready to start to learn how to use the energy inside of yourself, join the Magnetic Gaze Foundations, here:

And Sexual Magnetism here:

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