Thought atmosphere

Here’s an interesting quote by New Thought author Edward Walker:

“Every person has a thought atmosphere, depending upon the general character of his thoughts. And every place, house, room, office, or workshop has its own distinctive mental atmosphere. arising from the general character of the thoughts of the persons occupying it.

Proof of this statement is not necessary to persons who have been out in the world of men and women, and who have learned to distinguish that subtle mental emanation surrounding people and producing its effect upon those with whom it comes in contact.

This experience has come to nearly every person who may read these words.

Who has not felt that strange, unexplainable, but distinct impression regarding strange people the moment they have entered one’s presence?

Who has not felt that peculiar sensation of like or dislike; confidence or distrust; attention or aversion; arising from the mere presence of certain people who may not even be known to one?

These things do not arise from mere fancy, but are the result of perfectly natural laws that are understood by those who have made a scientific study of the subject.

There are certain public speakers, preachers, orators, statesmen, and others accustomed to addressing large numbers of people, who diffuse a thought influence over their hearers merely by standing in their midst and attracting their attention.

Some men seem to claim recognition as born leaders by reason of that strange thought influence emanating from them, even before they have uttered a word. Others, perhaps equally brilliant intellectually, fail to produce this effect — there seems to be something lacking in them.

There are physicians whose mere entry into the room imparts a feeling of confidence and trust in the mind of the patient and his family, and which changes the entire atmosphere of the room. Other physicians possessing equal knowledge, experience and ability, fail to produce this effect.

Some salesmen induce a feeling of good fellowship the moment they come into one’s presence; while others arouse but a feeling of indifference, or even actual repulsion.

Some actors need but to appear before an audience, and even before the first words of the lines are uttered something goes out from the man to the crowd that is actually felt as a living force, while other actors produce only a lack of interest, and ofttimes a feeling of being bored.

But why multiply these instances of the manifestations of mental atmosphere?

Everyone who has noticed anything about the characteristics of people must have had his or her attention directed to this matter by actual experience, many times. It is a matter of such common experience that the idea has but to be mentioned in order to be recognized and admitted.”

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