To the best of your ability

Often I hear people say: “what’s the use?”, “who cares?” and so forth, as an excuse for not putting up their best work forward.

You may have a million different reasons for not doing your best in your work. Or in your hobbies or in whatever you are involved.

But, you are only under-developing your own self. If you spend 8 hours a day working and you’re not doing your best in that work – regardless of the reason for it – then you are spending most of your waking time training yourself to be mediocre or average.

When a good opportunity comes in your way, whatever that may be, your habits and mindset will be of a mediocre or average person. Not someone who is enthusiastic and proud of his or her work.

If your job is cleaning streets, you better attempt to be the best street cleaner your city has ever seen.

If your job is washing dishes, you better attempt to clean the dishes better than anyone else.

It doesn’t matter if you hate your boss. You are doing it for yourself and your development, not your boss.

If you hate your job, then start the process to find a new one. In the meantime, do your best in that job. As you are doing this, you are training for excellence. You are developing a mindset of excellence in whatever you do.

I don’t particularly enjoy cleaning my house. I would obviously prefer to be doing something else. But when I do it, I do it well, not in a half-assed way, simply because of this habit of excellence.

The excellence is related to the best of your ability and task importance. But still, doing the best you can at that moment for that specific task with the tools at your disposal, is a mindset that you can cultivate to achieve. Not for anyone else. Just for you.

It’s a matter of using your Will in whatever you do and not being controlled by your unconscious behaviors.

To master your Will start with the training:
>>> Will Mastery

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