Too much sexual desire?

Here’s an interesting sentence from a reader:

“I think I have high level sexual energy inside me because most of the time I am aroused and think about sex”

These type of sentences are fairly common but denote a certain misconception about sexual energy.

As we’ve discussed before, sexual desire is not the same as sexual energy or sexual magnetism. Just because you are aroused it doesn’t mean that your sexual energy is overall high.

The constant desire and sexual thoughts only indicate how little control you are having over sexual energy (whether high or low).

And, for most people, that’s perfectly normal since they were never trained in recognizing and working with sexual energy. So, they need to work with what they have in the best way possible.

Unfortunately, this type of education is not given. Hence, the bad side effects related to sexuality in a big part of society – where sex still remains a mystery to be solved.

From anxiety, aggression, psychosomatic illnesses, most of these problems can be related to lack of control and awareness over sexual energy.

The problem with the particular issue of the constant desire and sexual thoughts, is that it gets associated with another “bad” aspect of sexual energy: the feeling of desperation.

It generates this desperation feeling inside. The “I NEED sex” type of feeling.

Most women recognize this feeling in men very easily, and they tend to get away from them.

This feeling doesn’t come from a place of abundance, but instead comes from a place of scarcity. It’s like sex is a limited resource and we need to gather as much as possible in the shortest amount of time.

It’s not attractive – at all – for others since your sexual magnetism levels tend to be very low.

Overall, this is originated from a sexual block that doesn’t allow the sexual energy to be flowing freely inside and fully accepted.

Because it’s not accepted and flow freely, it automatically generates other outlets for its expression – since sexual energy is dynamic and is constantly moving.

Such is the case for the constant desire and thoughts, which then originates the desperation “needy” feeling.

With Sexual Energy Mastery training you’ll be able to control these type of impulses inside of you and transmute it to magnetism that can easily attract others.

That’s why we teach sexual energy.

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