Training to be bored

There are many Will power exercises on New Thought books and similar types of books.

You can find exercises on Will like counting a box of matches, staying still – unmoving – for 30 minutes, watching the second handle of the clock go by, and so on.

You can read these exercises and immediately notice how boring they are.

Who the hell wants to count a box of matches? Only if you’re insane!

These are exactly the type of thing you would do if you have really nothing else to do – maybe in an age before smartphones and internet.

They seem to exercise your ability of being bored.

But… if you are bored while doing those exercises, you have missed the point.

In fact, if you become bored while doing ANY exercise, you have missed the point.

If doing some completely useless task in this bored out of your mind mental state was training the Will, then teenagers would be masters of it.

They have to sit thought hours of boring lectures on a daily basis. And they can do it. But I’m sure you can agree they aren’t Will masters.

Sorry to disappoint you, but you weren’t training your Will when you were listening to your boring teachers.

Your Will isn’t any better because of this. You merely trained your ability to withstand boredom.

And that’s exactly what you are training on those types of Will exercises – if you are in this bored mental state.

But, these exercises *CAN* be a good training on the Will. Atkinson and others weren’t insane for recommending them. But they didn’t explain the whole thing in detail.

They are a good training on the Will, *IF* you’re also training your mental state and activating the Will the whole time as you are training.

The same can be said on many other exercises.

If you are simply distracted or bored or thinking about something else during the exercises, then they are pretty much useless. But if you are activating yourself, handing your mental state, igniting your Will, then you’re doing it right!

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