Transformation of your identity

Being magnetic is more than doing a few exercises everyday and getting it over with.

It’s a transformation of your identity.

You don’t stay the same person as you go through the training. Change is inevitable – at least when you are doing it right!

Someone who lives in anxiety, fear or sadness, is not the same person who lives in abundance and magnetism.

It can’t be.

This change is not something that only reflects in one part of you. It’s not like everything continues the same about you, but you are now “magnetic”.

No! Change and magnetism go hand in hand.

Of course, this raises the objection of: “I want to be myself”.

And that’s perfect if you are happy with the way your life is going and what you have been achieving.

No problem there.

The problem is only if you aren’t happy with something. Only then do you need to change.

And yes, for someone non-magnetic to magnetic there’s a CORE change inside of you.

Maybe “yourself” is fearful, anxious and with contracting energy in a very large range of situations.

Would you still be “yourself” if you’re now relaxed and expansive in those situations?

We may enter all sorts of philosophical debates here about the nature of your identity and self, but that will beat the point.

The most important message I want to send is: not be afraid of change. Accept it! Particularly if what you’ve been doing until now hasn’t been working.

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