Tratak and the Magnetic Gaze

Here’s an interesting question from a Magnetic Gaze student:

“What stops someone who practices tratak from being able to use the magnetic gaze with tratak alone? There is widely available information on performing tratak, but you don’t see people who candle gaze magnetizing people.”

This is an interesting question and it’s important to clarify two points:

First, the Tratak training is much more than candle gazing. As I’ve written before, the Tratak is a powerful concentration technique with a lot of possibilities.

The candle gazing is just a minor and initial aspect of it. The candle gazing is simply one phase out of SEVEN.

And even so, most of the instructions you read about it online are incomplete.

They make it seem that all you need is keep looking at the flame and somehow magic will happen. No, there are precise instructions on what you do with it.

Secondly, the Magnetic Gaze is a system of influence and energy development, while the Tratak is a system of concentration, mind control and psychic development.

Just because you train with one, you won’t get the benefits of the other.

Of course there are side benefits. The Magnetic Gaze has a built in concentration training in it, and you also train some aspects of the Magnetic Gaze with the Tratak (like the fixed gaze). But one does not replace the other.

It’s like playing football and playing tennis. You can be a great football player but that doesn’t mean you’ll be a great tennis player.

Naturally, some of the training you have in football will also help you in tennis – namely the fitness, conditioning and motor coordination.

Same thing with the Tratak and the Magnetic Gaze. They have obvious common points, but they are two different “sports”.

There’s a reason of why Tratak is not a part of the Magnetic Gaze series. Just because it’s done with the eyes, it doesn’t mean it’s part of the same system.

Although Magnetic Gaze practitioners would also inevitable learn the Tratak, this becomes much more than a system of influence. Tratak is an advanced technique that takes you to the next level of mind and psychic power.

Will Tratak also help you with your Magnetic Gaze – and even Personal Magnetism? Of course it will. It inevitably make it more powerful. That’s why it’s present in our curriculum.

But one does not replace the other.

Learn the powerful Tratak practice in the Concentration and Mind Control training.

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