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We can often fool ourselves into thinking that we are making progress but aren’t using the correct measures.
With magnetism overall, knowing your progress is relatively easy.
Either you are getting the results you are after in the real world, or you are not.
Magnetism exercises can be used just for your self-improvement and development. Nothing wrong with that. But if you are training to achieve real-world magnetism, then your barometer must be in the real world.
As perfectly as you can perform the exercises, it won’t matter if you aren’t achieving what you want.
There’s a reason for that.
We get stuck in our minds, often fooling ourselves, which robs us of the progress we need.
If an exercise works perfectly in the comfort of your home but fails miserably in the real world, you need to understand why.
For example, let’s say you do a few gaze exercises and feel your gaze quite powerfully with the energy being projected nicely.
Yet, when you go out into the world, you no longer feel it, or the energy is not projected, and no one else is feeling it either.
It’s ok to have this feedback. It’s essential to own it because now you know something is wrong.
Only when you identify – and admit – that something is wrong can you fix it.
When you fool yourself, everything stays the same.
That’s why one of the recommendations in all training is to constantly test it out in the real world. Certain blocks will only manifest themselves when you interact with others.
As good as any exercise can be, it will never fully prepare you for what you’ll find in the real world. You need a lot of test driving to go back and fix what is not working.
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