Triggers that bring you back

As you start to change and evolve in your magnetic process, it’s perfectly normal to have certain triggers that bring you back to your old self.

For example: you have your good inner power and magnetism, you are evolving nicely in them… until you visit a certain family member – who happens to be very toxic – for a week and this brings you down. This is a powerful trigger from your past.

It can also be a certain situation that you are in.

Regardless of what it is, you need to learn how to recognize those triggers.

And, if those situations are unavoidable, you can prepare yourself for what you have in front of you and find ways to manage it from a place of power instead of reverting to a place of helplessness.

Indeed you’ll need to understand – and bring to consciousness – what is making you go back. The more understand what makes you revert, the more you can prepare yourself and take measures to avoid it.

Notice what changes inside of you, notice what is being triggered.

Then you’ll understand what you need to give special attention to. And you’ll raise your guard on those particular things.

If you notice an energy shift, notice exactly where it changes and how it changes. If you notice a change in your mental state, notice exactly how and where it happens, and so forth.

Raise barriers to prevent this change in the first place… OR increase your training load with specific exercises during that period to counteract those changes and understand what happens with those triggers. Often it’s about non-processed emotions, energy blocks and so forth.

But you do need to consider that in certain occasions, it’s perfectly normal to revert back – although temporarily – to a negative state of mind. These tend to be normal and unfortunate life events like the death of someone, illnesses, accidents, etc.

At that moment, you do need to process these negative feelings and emotions so you can then move on from it.

These are different from the triggers I wrote above. Triggers are consistently bringing you down in a certain situation that should have no reason for. While the death of someone close or an accident is an unfortunately “normal” life situation that needs to be processed.

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