“True” Energy Vs Blocks and desires

Here’s an interesting question from a student regarding my last post. Make sure you read it before reading this one:

“I always wanted to find my purpose in life and what to do, but how do you differentiate what your energy is telling you from your desires?”

That’s an excellent question!

Your energy can be pointing into one direction, but if you have a strong ego desire, you won’t even feel that energy inside of you.

All you are able to feel are your desires.

Sometimes it can be very hard to differentiate between desires, ego, blocks and what your energy is telling you.

You can have plenty of other “distractions” from your “true” energy.

I wish I could tell you that you can be perfect in this distinction, but you can’t.

You can go only thus far.

You can certainly do better than what you do now by following a few guidelines and practice exercises, but it’s very hard – or dare I say impossible – to always know with 100% certainty.

This is hard because your desire to do something can be so strong that it obfuscates all the energy awareness you may have.

That’s why certain inner power traits are crucial for this and that’s what you develop in the 10 Steps to Inner Power.

Other obstacle is that you may have such a strong block, that – when this block is working at full power – you can barely scrape by the energy awareness.

So we have a key aspect here: the LESS layers you have between you and your “true” energy, the better you are able to feel it.

On this case, the less blocks you have, the more you are able to feel your “true” energy.

It’s true that the blocks can also be energetic, but they are not your “true” energy. They are solidified reactions to traumatic events of your life, so they only create a fog that prevents from you from truly feeling what you are (and have) inside.

That’s another reason to work on “The Unblocking Process”. You gain very little in continuing with the blocks inside of you. They are only limiting you and preventing you to unleash your true potential.

The more in direct contact you are with your energy, the more you are able to get out of it. I know of very little downsides you can get from learning and developing your energy skills.

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