True growth and abundance

This week we have been discussing about inner reality and how you need to change the inner reality if you want to see long lasting changes in the outer reality.

I’ve received some emails saying somethings along the lines of: “I haven’t done any work on myself and I increased my salary 10x!”

Well congratulations, you graduated from someone living a miserable life with $1000 a month from living a miserable life with $10 0000 a month.

Even if you find a stroke of luck – like those lottery winners – or you actually develop marketable skills in order to raise your paycheck, your inner reality will dawn on you soon enough. If you lived like a zombie before, with life passing you by, you’ll continue with the same state, just now with more money.

If you lived an unhappy, unfulfilled life before, it won’t be different now with more money.

The world is filled of rich, famous people who live miserable lives, and even end up in suicide, as we recently witnessed.

True growth and abundance, must always be accompanied by the growth and evolution of your inner reality: of your thoughts, feelings, mental states and behaviors.

Some people can do this evolution naturally. Their inner nature and subconscious is malleable enough to be able to do it as their life evolves. They can, in fact, change their lives without doing any kind of “formal inner work”.

These are the exception and not the rule. If you are like this, great! Good for you. You’re one of the lucky ones.

As for the rest of us that tend to get stuck in same habitual patterns, we need more than this.

We need strategies to become aware of what’s happening inside of us as well as strategies to change to what we really want.

Either way, the first step is always to define clear, concrete and achievable goals (based on your current inner reality). In other words, as I keep on repeating in this newsletter: “What do you want?”

Start improving your Inner Power and changing your inner reality here, with the 10 Steps to Inner Power:

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