How to Truly Use Will Power

Willpower is not holding on and restrain yourself even though you want to do something else. It’s not saying: “No, I won’t eat that burger!” and hold on with a tight fist.

We, in Charisma School, don’t want to give a rebirth to the so called “Victorian Will Power” where people establish their high defenses and hold on tight.

That’s not our goal here.

Our notion of Will runs deeper.

Unlike popular conception, will power – as we teach it – it’s not simply to restrain yourself. That will merely cause repression on most cases.

That restraint may be useful in the beginning – depending on your current state – for you to achieve some overall self-control.

But on the long term, you want it to be a change of mindset and energy.

You want to use your mind and energy to fully control yourself and your mind in a way that you don’t need to “tense yourself up” each time you need to use your Will.

You want it to be as effortless as possible – at least on the long term.

How you can do that?

Whenever you establish an intention of something you want to do, and thoughts or impulses are dragging you away, you simply change your energy and mental state so that these impulses dissolve and your intention prevails.

You don’t want to repress your unwanted thoughts or impulses, you want to dissolve them in the light of your energy and mental state.

There’s a clear difference in these concepts, although it might be too lengthy to explain here.

When you repeat this “dissolving act” enough times, your mind start to get very submissive to your own Will, and you need less and less energy and mental power in order to do it.

It becomes effortless.

There is no more restraint. Your mind and energy become submitted to your Will. A simple intention from you is enough you to place yourself on the right path again.

This may seem like it’s of no consequence. But, let’s put this in a different way:

What could you achieve right now if you reduce your procrastination in 90%?

What could you achieve right now if your overall anxiety and fear levels reduce in 90%?

What could you achieve right now if your intention and thoughts become reality?

That’s the power of your Will.

Start to discover it with the:
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