Trying to be Perfect

In Charisma School trainings, many techniques, methods and teachings are shared with you.Some students are overwhelmed with all the information.

And rightly so, because there’s indeed a lot of new insights.

Especially new insights that need to be integrated into your life.

Theoretically speaking, you can learn and understand all the new teachings in an afternoon or less.

They are not intellectually demanding (at least not most of them).

But they are not so easy to fully implement into your life.

After all, you’ve been thinking, behaving or feeling one way all your life. It’s only natural that it takes time to implement a different way of thinking, behaving and feeling.

That’s where the true challenge is. The implementation. Actually using and changing what you learn.

The biggest issue is trying to be perfect. Either you do it perfectly or you don’t do it at all.

This attitude of perfection is one of the biggest downfall in mastering these teachings.

In fact, it’s not really the attitude in itself, but the frustration that this attitude brings. If you can have the attitude of perfection without the associated frustration of never achieving perfection, then no harm done.

(Although that’s much harder to do)

The feelings of frustration when you can’t achieve perfection stops you from continuing down the path
of changing yourself.

You can think:
“If I can’t do it 100% of the time or 100% right, then might as well not do it at all”

As you can imagine, this kind of thinking doesn’t help you.

In all the techniques you learn in Charisma School, there’s not one that you need to be perfect in.

You need to be good enough to achieve what you want to achieve. And that’s usually very far away from actual perfection.

Even if your Will is not 100% under your control and you still succumb to certain temptations, as long as you can control what matters to achieve the goals of your life, then that’s good enough.

Let’s say that facebook browsing when you should be working is a problem for you.

If you can control your mind and Will to avoid facebook in the working time, but you still browse facebook outside of work, then that’s good enough.

You accomplished your main goal. Not perfectly. But good enough to not waste your precious work hours.

That’s what we want to achieve: good enough and not perfection.

Whenever you are ready to start on the path of actual change, start with the 10 Steps to Inner Power training here:

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