Turning your magnetism on and off

Some students seem to think that magnetism (whether personal magnetism or sexual magnetism) is something you turn on and off.

But it’s not that simple.

Even if you have some control in the degree of your magnetism, you can’t be your whole day in a completely non-magnetic state and all of a sudden activate your sexual magnetism for a date and be on fire.

Ever tried to do some kind of physical exercise after a whole day of binge watching some tv show, slouching on the couch?

Not very easy right?

Yet, if you have spent a very active day walking from one place to the other, when you get to the gym you are already activated and you can easily start exercise with no problems.

It’s the same feeling with magnetism. Spend a whole day having un-magnetic behaviors then trying to suddenly activate your magnetism… not so easy.

It’s a lot easier when you cultivate your sexual magnetism during your whole day, even on situations where you don’t have to be magnetic.

Then, you reach a situation where you want to be sexually magnetic, you are already ON! You only need an extra push for more power.

Which is completely different than moving all your energy from one pole to the other on a moments notice.

Then it also depends on your previous practice and magnetic level.

This type of “sudden activation” can only be done if you have an extended practice of being magnetic. If are already magnetic most of your days/months/years and this happens one day, you can be able to pull it off.

But if you are still in a beginning phase of magnetism, then it will be very hard to “activate” like that.

A regular high performing athlete can spend a whole day on a couch and still be able to perform reasonably well if he needs some physical training at the end of the day.

Still, not his best performance for sure.

The same way, if you already have a regular great sexual or personal magnetism, then you can get away with a bad day and a forced activation at the end of the day if needed.

Either way, it’s best if you don’t count on it and use your days wisely.

This type of on and off switch can fool many students who think: “I don’t need to be magnetic now, it’s not important”. This is a delusion. It will be very hard (if not impossible) to switch on your magnetism like that.

When you don’t consider yourself magnetic yet, it’s ALWAYS important to be at your best.

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